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Your 20 Year Football Career ...

PostPosted: May 9th, 2012, 4:28 pm
by The GFP
Ive often wondered about this when playing PES Become a pro (or is that FIFA) and then i see the likes of Maldini & Furlong playing till they are 40 and ending at different ends of the footballing scale.

Also there has been a lot of talk about why English players very rarely play abroad and that made me think would i have played abroad if i had been a player and been good enough.

So you have 20 seasons to play for who you like in any position, now do you do a Tony Adams or a Christian Vieri and play for 14 clubs in 3 countries or a Mido and have a new club almost every 12 months (he is 26 and has changed clubs 11 times and played in 7 countries)

So ...

Position -

Shirt Number (cheers MM) -

National Team -

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 -
11 -
12 -
13 -
14 -
15 -
16 -
17 -
18 -
19 -
20 -

Re: Your 20 Year Fantasy Football Career ...

PostPosted: May 9th, 2012, 4:30 pm
by The GFP
Position - Striker

Shirt Number - 10 (in honour of the great man)

National Team - England

1 - Peterborough Utd (win championship & get promotion to premiership)
2 - Monaco (France)
3 - Palermo (Italy)
4 - Inter Milan (Italy)
5 - Inter Milan (Italy)
6 - Athletico Madrid (Spain)
7 - Benfica (Portugal)
8 - Arsenal
9 - Arsenal
10 - Arsenal
11 - Arsenal
12 - Arsenal
13 - Arsenal
14 - Arsenal
15 - Arsenal
16 - Arsenal
17 - Arsenal
18 - Corinthians (Brazil)
19 - Celtic (Scotland)
20 - Barnet (win div 2 & get promoted to div 1)

A decade at Arsenal so getting a testimonial

Then at end of career i might eek out an extra few seasons with Barnet

I started out playing for Godmanchester Rovers as a 14 year old as my mate Adams's uncle is manager, in 3 yoot seasons i score just under 200 goals and catch the eye of man utd, Liverpool & Norwich city but shun them all to sign for my local side Peterborough Utd

In my first season with Peterborough Utd we win the Championship & League Cup and i manage to play every game so ended season with 58 goals in 64 games in all competitions.

Peterborough Utd get loads of offers but i choose the sunny climes of Monaco with a £4m move and go there as a 19 year old ready to see the world, i love my 1 season in France and end the season as champions with 22 goals and get Monaco into the champions league but then get an offer from another team i support and sign for Palermo for £6.5m

I manage a very impressive 15 goals with Palermo and they finish runners up to Inter Milan who then make a cheeky £12m bid for me and im off to the san siro.

2 season with Inter and i win back to back titles & the champions league scoring a hat trick v man utd in the final, in my 2 seasons i score 25 & 31 goals respectively and then against my better judgement make a move to Spain with Athletico Madrid where i score 34 goals and we win the UEFA Cup & Copa Del Ray.

After another super season im off to Benfica for £16m to join up with the welsh hard man Alun G and in that 1 season we manage to bring back the glory days to Benfica winning the league, cup, champions league & the no.10 is retired by the club as my 48 league goals was seen as god like.

Then i get an offer no sane man could refuse and make a move to my boyhood club Arsenal, they pay out £35m for me and i was worth every penny and in my 10 seasons we win 9 back to back Premiership titles, 7 Champions League titles (5 back to back), 6 FA Cups, 8 Charity Shields & 1 League Cup, in my 10 seasons i won the Ballon Dor 8 times and averaged 34.6 goals a season breaking Thierry Henrys record in the process and also only miss 4 of the 380 Premiership games i could have played, i also broke David O'Learys appearance record. I leave after a testimonial v and Arsenal all star XI and give the proceeds to charity

I then go on a free to play in Brazil and win the league & copa america with them and even though i was 34 i still banged in 49 goals in all games, i loved my time in Brazil but new Celtic manager Charlie Nicholas persuades me to join him at Celtic again on a free and another clean sweep of trophies and manage 33 goals but then leave after Charlie takes the Scotland job and im off to play for Barnet where we get promoted to Div 1 and then become player manager and the rest as they say is history

Re: Your 20 Year Football Career ...

PostPosted: June 5th, 2012, 11:00 pm
by Hrvoje
Position - Striker

Shirt Number (cheers MM) -8 or 11

National Team -

1 - Zrinski (local)
2 - Zrinski (local)
3 - Dinamo Zagreb
4 - Dinamo Zagreb
5 - Dinamo Zagreb
6 - Dinamo Zagreb
7 - Arsenal
8 - Arsenal
9 - Arsenal
10 - Arsenal
11 - Arsenal
12 - Arsenal
13 - Arsenal
14 - Arsenal
15 - Arsenal
16 - Real Madrid
17 - Real Madrid
18 - Parma
19 - Samobor (local)
20 - Zrinski (local)

that would be a good career :D

Re: Your 20 Year Football Career ...

PostPosted: June 6th, 2012, 2:02 am
by The GFP
i take it you cut n pasted it too

ill spend 2 seasons with you at zrinski if your not busy in my later career