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Arsenal v Chelsea - 3rd Place Play Off?

PostPosted: May 15th, 2013, 5:49 pm
by The GFP
Ive read in the papers, online & now heard it on talkSHITE that if Arsenal & the chavs finish level on points, then it goes to goal difference, then goals scored then if they are all the same there might be a 3rd place play off for the first time ever!

That scenario could happen this Sunday if Arsenal win 2-1 v Newcastle & the chavs draw 0-0 at home with Everton. Or Arsenal 3-2 & chavs 1-1 ect.

With the teams deadlocked, there would be no choice but for them to meet once again with the losing side going through the qualifiers to secure a place in the group stage of CL.

As thrilling as the game would be for neutrals, the problem for the Premier League would be when to play it.

Chelsea are due to tour the USA with two friendlies against Manchester City next week, while there are England friendlies on May 29 against Ireland & then in Brazil on June 2.