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A Few Wenger Fuck Ups

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A Few Wenger Fuck Ups

Postby The GFP » July 6th, 2012, 5:24 am

hey, lets make a list of Wenger fuck ups be they buying twats with two left feet or letting players dictate to him where & when they were going or just letting contracts expire (in a kind of chronological order of sorts) ...

Ian Wright to West Ham Utd (AW sat on top of the north bank and did the biggest shit he could muster all over Wrighty and told the player who gave his heart in every fucking game to fucking do one and did not even let him come on as a sub in the 1998 FA Cup final and instead brought that twat Platt on)

Nicolas Anelka to Real Madrid (nice new training ground but he demanded to leave and was allowed to go and was the instigator of this demanding to leave bollocks)

Marc Overmars to barca (wanted to go to get more money & win stuff .... won fuck all)

Manu Petit to barca, never replaced him in time and he was a disaster there

Francis Jeffers to Charlton Athletic (£5.5m wasted, bought for £8.0m, sold for £2.5m)

Richard Wright to Everton (£2.5m wasted, bought for £6.0m, sold for £3.5m)

Giovanni van Bronckhorst to barca (£8.5m wasted, bought for £8.5m, sold for £0.00p)

Jose Antonio Reyes to Athletico Madrid (£7.5m wasted, bought for £10.5m, sold for £3.0m)

Sylvain Wiltord to Lyon (bought for £13.0m and let go after not signing a new deal then went on to do great at Lyon)

Cuntly Cole to Chavski (Arsenal refused to honour a previously agreed £55,000 a week deal and would not budge from £50,000)

Mathieu Flamini to AC Milan (refused to sign a new deal so left)

Edu to Valencia (just like Flamini went for free but he cost us £6.0m from Marseille)

Bobby Pires to Villareal (club refused to give him more than a 1 year contract extension even though he cost us £6.0m and was still brilliant and a fucking legend)

Alex Hleb to barca (another who wanted to go and was allowed to, made a profit but still no excuse and turned out to be a terrible move for him & Barcelona)

Gilberto to Panathinikos (cost £4.5m, let go 2 years to soon for £1.0m with no replacement ready)

Pascal Cygan to Villarreal (£2,100,000 well spent)

Phillipe Senderos to Fulham (another £2.5m wasted and let go for free)

Thierry Henry to barca (people seem to forget he demanded a move and was kissing that barca badge quicker than you can say £150k a week)

Patrick Vieira to Juventus (our captain, he whined like a bitch until he was let go after 2 years of pointing at the bigger clubs in Italy then crying & stamping his feet as he wanted to go)

Denilson (£3.4m, ive just pissed my pants again laughing whilst typing this)

Willam Gallas to N17 (he cost us about £5.0m and we let him go for free as he had a 'special tearful moment', why the fuck did he have the 10 shirt in the first fucking place)

Andrei Arshavin (£15.0m and then play him out of position for 4 years and wonder why he has the fucking hump)

Mikael Silvestre to Werder Brehmen (wtf was he doing here for 1.5 years in the first place, i mean WTF)

Emmanuel Adebayor to Man City (single handedly made AW & the club look like fucking amateurs, id have cut him up for fucking donor organs & ebay'd them)

Samir Nasri to Man City (that little cunt should still be litter picking at london colney)

Sebastien Squillaci (£3.3m, please no, ive ran out of piss and my sides are killing me, absolutely no brown envelopes involved her at all, no way mister, nada, nuffin, move along please)

Park Chu-Young (even tommy cooper could not make this deal look funny)

Cesc Fabregas to Barca (our captain and your going FUCKING no where you little cunt, now shut it and put that donkey down)

Juan Mata (club fucked around even after Mata was reported to have said he was coming to Arsenal so Chavski nipped in and stole him)

Eden Hazard (for 2 years we were talking him up and could have bought him at any point but left it until the entire fucking planet were aware of his skills)

Andre Santos (£6.8m, did we pay by the kilo for this 1 legged fat, unfit, slow, minge ?)

RvP to Man Utd(even bacteria on the 14th moon of saturn knew he would not be signing a new fucking deal)

Theo Walcott, i bet he goes to Chavski for £7.50 & a signed Ashley Cole Champions League Winning Mug

and ...

Manuel Almunia to Watford (left, july 1st 2012, see every cloud does indeed have a silver lining)

Right im off for a little cry now and rock myself to sleep whilst holding a DVD of the 2003/04 invincibles season.
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