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Michel Platini's Son Works For QSI The PSG Owners!

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Michel Platini's Son Works For QSI The PSG Owners!

Postby The GFP » February 7th, 2013, 2:24 am ... tini,83292

Translation ...

This is the Sunday newspaper that reveals, QSI, which bought the Paris Saint-Germain last summer, has just recruited Laurent Platini, the son of the president of UEFA. Aged 33, he was general counsel at Lagardère Sports, but he also knows very well the PSG where he had served between 2005 and 2008 still in law. According to the JDD, Laurent Platini will not have to do specifically with Paris Saint-Germain, as it will deal more generally of European interests in Qatar Sports Investments. Some are sure to smile on hearing this, Michel Platini has never hidden that he was not a fan of the huge investments made by funds from the Middle East in European football. But long ago that his son is of age and vaccinated.

Seems Laurent Platini now works for QSI (Qatari Sports Investment) who own PSG the team that are killing football by paying massively inflated fees & over inflated wages for players like :

£37.4m - Javier Pastore (£180,000 a week)
£35.8m - Lucas Moura (£65,000 a week)
£35.0m - Thiago Silva (£150,000 a week)
£25.0m - Ezequiel Lavezzi (£85,000 a week)
£16.5m - Zlatan Ibrahimović (£225,000 a week)
£10.0m - Marco Verratti (£25,000 a week)
£9.7m - Thiago Motta (£70,000 a week)
£0.0 - David Beckham (£170,000 a week)

Manager - Carlo Ancelotti (£125,000 a week)

That list of only 8 players & 1 manager are costing PSG £1,000,000 ish a week in wages and considering the club only have an average attendance of 42,891 in 2011/12 and 42,122 so far for 2012/13

For the season 2011/12 PSG made an operating loss of £100,000,000.

PSG estimate their wage bill for 2012/12 will be about £100,000,000 and they expect to have an operating loss of £70,000,000.

So in two seasons they will have an operating loss of £170,000,000 so how will they get around the FFP (Financial Fair Play) rules you may well ask.

Just get some Qatar company to sponsor the team for £1 billion a year and its all ok.

Oh, trying to find exact wages was a nightmare so dont shoot me if they are a bit out.

These figures are from ... chive.html

The plan for next season assumes a deficit of €70 million, based on €130 million revenue and €200 million expenses, comprising €120 million wages (60%), €40 million player amortisation (20%) and €40 million other expenses (€20 million). This is the first time that any French club’s budget has gone above €150 million and would mean combined losses over the next two years of €170 million, though even that may be under-estimated.
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