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Swansea City - 1977 to 1986

Postby The GFP » May 9th, 2012, 6:08 pm

I had forgot about this absolutely amazing achievement that Swansea City did from 1977 to 1986 until they had a Swansea City player on TalkSport last night and he mentioned it and it got me to be a thunking if any team anywhere in pro footy has done something similar

1977/78 4th Division - 3rd (Promoted)
1978/79 3rd Division - 3rd (Promoted)
1979/80 2nd Division - 12th
1980/81 2nd Division - 3rd (Promoted)
1981/82 1st Division - 6th
1982/83 1st Division - 21st (Relegated)
1983/84 2nd Division - 21st (Relegated)
1984/85 3rd Division - 20th
1985/86 3rd Division - 24th (Relegated)

so in 9 seasons they went from the bottom division to the top division and back down to the bottom one again

i know wimbledon have a similar but longer promotion success going from the southern league to the 1st division

this was just an amazing story

Wolverhampton Wanderers also did a similar thing too around the same time

1981/82 1st Division - 21st (Relegated)
1982/83 2nd Division - 2nd (Promoted)
1983/84 1st Division - 22nd (Relegated)
1984/85 2nd Division - 22nd (Relegated)
1985/86 3rd Division - 23rd (Relegated)
1986/87 4th Division - 4th
1987/88 4th Division - 1st (Promoted)
1988/89 3rd Division - 1st (Promoted)

thats all

thanks for watching

can the last (or only) person to read this turn the light off when you leave
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