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Jack Wilshire ... Contract Talks

PostPosted: November 27th, 2012, 9:34 pm
by The GFP
He has stated many times he loves the club and is going to stay until he is 80, well kind of

Give him anything he asks for, in fact if i owned Arsenal this is how our chat would go ...

Me - Hello your greatness
Jack - Please chairman get up off of your knees
Me - Thank you your holiness
Jack - Just call me Jack
Me - Yes Sir
Jack - Sigh
Me - Don't bother sitting down your eminence
Jack - Why not
Me - Because its a yes oh enlightened one
Jack - Yes to what
Me - Everything you magnificence
Jack - What about a...
Me - Yes indeedy your rugged good lookingness'ness
Jack - I did not even finish
Me - Still yes your smelling as fresh as a flower'ness
Jack - Um
Me - Yup
Jack - Ah
Me - Yup
Jack - Thanks
Me - The pleasure is all mine your second coming of the great bearded, sandal wearing one